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Harker Garden Buildings Roof & Floor Tiles

Eco tile garage floor tiles and Katepal roofing shingles suppliers

To enhance the look of your garden building we can supply you with a great range of Katepal roof shingles and Ecotile floor tiles. The Eco-interlocking floor tile is a tough, flexible and modern flooring solution that is available in three surface textures and several colour options. We also supply Katepal roofing shingles, these products are suitable for all of our garden buildings, including the insulated steel buildings and they are quick and very easy to lay and hard wearing, they are also supplied with a long warranty.

You can order these with your garden shed or we can supply them in packs. The roof tiles are supplied in packs to cover 2 square metres and the floor tiles are supplied in packs to cover 1 sq metre.

Harker Garden Eco Floor Tiles and Katepal Roof Tiles
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Harker Eco Interlocking Floor Tiles

We can supply Ecotiles on almost any project, they are produced using a process of injection moulding with a compound that has excellent wear characteristics, chemical resistance, long term stability and has stable electrical properties. Ecotile is an environmental sustainable flooring solution and is produced from the highest quality raw material. The tiles are tough, flexible and a modern flooring solution that will enhance any garden building, we have installed these tiles in both our insulated metal buildings and many of our wooden buildings and they look great.

The benefits to installing Ecotiles on your project, the tiles are extremely hard wearing, simple to maintain and have a smart and modern appearance. The tiles are very quick and easy to install and if you move house you can just as easily pick them up and take them with you, they also come with a 10 year product warranty. We offer Ecotile in 4 different styles, the 7mm raised disk tile available in 5 colour options, the ESD 7mm & 5mm tile and is available in grey only and also only available in 1 colour is the 6mm slate ecotile in graphite and finally the 5mm ecotile that comes in light grey, dark grey & graphite.

Harker Eco-tile interlocking floor tiles at Harker Garden Buildings LTD
Harker Katepal Roof tiles at Harker Garden Buildings LTD

Harker Katepal Roofing Tiles

Katepal Roofing shingles brings a material formerly only used by professionals, i.e. SBS modified bitumen, to private clients throughout the range of roofing shingles and colour options. We supply 2 styles of the Katepal roof tiles, the super Katrilli which has an octagon shape and is available in 4 colours red, brown, blue and green. We also supply the 3T Katepal roof tiles which has a rectangle shape and is available in both black and red.

Katepal roofing tiles can withstand repeated bending exceptionally well. This property is particularly valuable at the installation stage when finishing edges and angles. In addition, Katepal has a far greater tear resistance, e.g. at points where nails are driven in, than previously used materials. The material used to manufacturer these roofing tiles are a strong and durable material that can withstand mechanical and chemical stresses extremely well. The experiences of professional roofing installation show that the life span of elastomer bitumen roofing is over double that of ordinary roofing. The material is elastic even in cold conditions; the ability to withstand cold weather generates material savings and gives you greater flexibility in choosing the time of installation.

Harker Bergo Floor tiles at Harker Garden Buildings LTD

Harker Bergo Floor Tiles

Bergo floor tiles holds the ISO 9001 certification for good quality, this shows how important quality is to the brand. The floor tile is made from Eco-friendly polypropylene. It is a material that is 100% recyclable, the beauty of the Bergo floor tile is that they can be moved from one place to another with ease you can just pick them up one by one or in a sheet and then relay them wherever you want. Bearing in mind that there is no need for adhesive screws or nails, it is a very simple process.

We supply and install two different styles of the Bergo tile, the Bergo XL floor tile is available in 16 standard colours. It has multi functional properties that can solve most flooring problems indoors and out; ideal for everything from terrace decking to damp and/or mould affected storeroom and cellar floors. We can install them in any one of our garden buildings, insulated metal buildings to any wooden summerhouse or shed. They are very comfortable to walk on, even in bare feet.

We also supply the Bergo unique floor tile, this is the strongest tile available, It has a straight-line, open pattern with a distinctive character, providing an attractive environment. The unique range is available in 11 colour options that can be applied on balconies, patios, garages, storerooms, cellars, wet areas such as saunas, pools, shower areas and utility rooms. This flooring can also be used in public settings such as standard shops and exhibition halls, storerooms, balcony projects, walkways, etc.

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We do not accept returns on bespoke products once the manufacturing process has begun.

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