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Harker Garden Buildings Potting Sheds

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Harker Wooden Potting Shed

Quality Garden Potting Sheds For Sale

For all you garden lovers with green fingers Harker garden buildings can supply you with the must have garden building. Our potting sheds can provide you with a warm environment to encourage the growth of your beloved plants, seedlings and flowers.

We build the traditional garden potting shed with an angled glazed front, this design is particularly good at giving your plants the much need light they require to thrive in our ever changing weather here in the United Kingdom. Our timber potting sheds are much more durable than the common glass or plastic greenhouse, as you can see from the image they are by far more attractive.

Free delivery within a 50 mile radius

We will deliver and install Free of charge within a 50 mile radius of our office in Carlisle(Postcode CA6 4DS), however; if you live outside of this area then please do not worry as we will still deliver and also install but there will be a small charge to cover fuel costs.

How we build our wooden potting sheds

When building a wooden potting shed we start with the floor, runners are positioned. Onto the runners we fix 3/4" (19mm) tongue and groove boards using 2" (50mm) electro-galvanized (20 microns) ring shank nails. The frames are constructed using 2” x 2” timber; with the cladding we use a custom shape log effect tongue and groove board 19mm thick.

We use only the very best timber, glass and hardware available on the market today. Our angled potting sheds are no different in terms of the quality materials that we use. The roof is made using the same materials as the floor, heavy duty tongue and groove boards.

The roof is finished by fixing polyester anti-tear roofing felt to each section just before it leaves the workshop for delivery. We fix the felt using a cap and nail system, giving a superior hold over conventional clout nails.

Please note on larger buildings we use heavier timbers.

Interior Of A Potting Shed

Tempered Glass is used when building a wooden potting shed

The type of glass used is so important; we use laminated glass, perfect for this kind of garden shed. Laminated glass is constructed by sandwiching plastic in between two outer layers of glass and this makes it almost impossible to break. Although if the glass somehow does get broke then the glass will stay together in one piece.

You will find with this particular style of glass it will retain good visibility and will not discolour. Using laminated glass on certain garden products is a must, especially on buildings with an angled front. Laminated glass is not just strong but perfect when you have young children playing in and around your garden area.

Timber Potting Shed
Full Glass Potting Shed
Wooden Potting Building

Great Ideas for Our Small Potting Sheds For Sale

Potting Sheds For Sale
Inside Our Potting Sheds
Wooden Potting Sheds For Sale
Any bespoke products can not be returned once manufactured Any bespoke products can not be returned once manufactured RETURN POLICY

We do not accept returns on bespoke products once the manufacturing process has begun.

sample-banner sample-banner CUSTOMER SERVICE

We are proud to be offering excellent customer service to all of our customers.

Free Delivery On all products within 50 miles of our office at Harker CA6 4DS Free Delivery On all products within 50 miles of our office at Harker CA6 4DS FREE DELIVERY

We offer FREE DELIVERY on all our products within a 50miles radius of CA6 4DS.

Please feel free to contact us at Harker garden buildings LTD Please feel free to contact us at Harker garden buildings LTD CONTACT US ANYTIME

Please call Mon-Sat between 8am - 5pm. Tel: 01228 674140.

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